Day 5’s offering. I’m a little concerned that I’m barely making my minimum word count, folks. I hope you like prose poetry, because that’s the only thing that describes today’s piece.


The Hunter Moon sings a new language to me: all sibilants and fricatives, with the occasional shock glottal that makes me stumble. The song rolls through me. Did I know it once? Once upon a time, the Hunter Moon ruled us all, and we danced beneath its light. Free and wondrous, beautiful in our simplicity.

What was its song? My heart reaches out, straining to feel for it. The words resonate, off-key, and my soul ages with the pain. The pain of knowing and not-knowing, of chancing so close to meaning and missing each moment.

The song of the Hunter Moon fills the dreamlands with its memories and its dance. There in the dreamlands, I am freed from the ties that bind and hold me to this earth. Gravity is subjective and my feet float free from the earth, as I twirl up, reaching for the song and its once-known words.

Not new then, but age-old, before history was drenched in gunpowder and blood. Back when humans knew the worth of everything, knew the cost of all, and desired no more than what the earth could give. Desired only of love and health and happiness. Tied by seasons, not by possessions. Strived to be safe and warm, not richer than the next guy.

The Hunter Moon does not judge. It calls us back to what we once knew, to joy of living. Fear was clamped into superstitions, turned into stories to frighten children to goodness. To turn their faces and open their hearts to the song of the Hunter Moon.

Forcing myself to stop, to get outside, to listen to its song, I reach for the Hunter Moon and the message I have lost. Eyes closed, body relaxed, and soul open for knowledge, the lilting notes trip on the streetlights, sent awry, and my eyes open. There are tears, to my surprise, and my heart weeps too.

Alone, late in the dark, without distraction or intention, I sleep. And in my dreams, I drown myself in the song of the Hunter Moon. Reaching back into memory and across time to find the knowing of what once was.