After considering for quite some time, I have decided to blog some extracts from my NaNoWriMo novel.  Here is the first, and one I had a lot of fun writing.  I hope that you have as much fun reading it.  Comments, please.  (NB – Finn is a fox-shaped fae, about 18 inches tall.  That’s all I’m giving away!)

The Sea Fae retracted its hand and head, straightening to its full, glorious height.  The sunlight sparkled on and through the water of its body, as it stretched higher and higher, bending backwards until it leapt back from the shore, and dove into the sea.  A long pause until, suddenly, it burst from the water, leaping high into the sky, diving back in again and disappearing from their sight entirely.

Maggie, still smiling, sighed.  And then promptly fainted onto the wet sand.

Finn rushed to her side, and started to pat her cheeks lightly, but sharply.  “Maggie,” he cried, “wake up!  You’re getting all… sandy!”  The shock of her sudden faint had rendered Finn a little giddy with indecision.  He looked around in dismay: he needed help but couldn’t be seen.  There, in the distance, was a couple heading towards them.  It was only a matter of time before they could see Maggie – and therefore Finn – clearly.

He stood stock-still, looking for all the world like a meerkat.  He had hit a blank wall, not knowing what to do: help Maggie or scarper away and hide.  His mission conflicted directly with the laws of the Fae, and the conflict had torn him into inaction.

Finn!  Dog!

“What?”  Finn looked up, confused.  Then comprehension dawned and, caught between the horror and the humour of this idea, he dropped to all fours, folded his wings flat against his back and ruffled his fur to camouflage them.  Then, he nudged Maggie’s face with his nose and began to whimper at her, just as the couple came near.

They were shocked to find a woman lying prone on the wet sand, with her faithful auburn… setter? beagle? hound? … dog sat near her head, pawing at her shoulder and occasionally – reluctantly? – licking her face. The woman dropped to her knees next to Maggie, checking her pulse and her breathing.  “Well, she’s alive, not drowned, just unconscious,” she said, turning to her husband.  The dog whined emphatically and nuzzled Maggie’s face before turning his imploring eyes to the woman.  Come on, wake her up! he thought hard at the woman.

The man moved around to the other side of Maggie, near to where Finn was sitting like a dog.  He reached down to ruffle the fur behind Finn’s ears, eliciting a growl from the ersatz-dog.  “Whoa, easy, boy!”  The man backtracked a step or two, showing his open and empty hands in an appeasement gesture.  “Just want to say that you’re a good dog.”

To his surprise, the dog relented and began to wag his tail.  He moved slightly away from Maggie, and seemed to tilt his head towards her, as if to invite the man to assist his wife in reviving her.

Bemused, the man moved back to Maggie, as his wife was chafing the unconscious young woman’s hands and briskly rubbing her sternum in an attempt to shake her awake.

Maggie’s eyelids began to flutter and her head lolled to one side; she groaned a little.

The man knelt quickly and between the two of them, they lifted Maggie gently into a sitting position.  All the while, the dog was scampering around them, barking; which sounded suspiciously like the word “bark” being spoken loudly, rather than a genuine bark.

Maggie’s head rolled forward sharply and the woman caught her to push her head up again.  Her eyes blinked open and her head rolled as she tried to hold it up.  She looked without recognition at the two strangers, and wondered why they were hugging her.  Then she wondered why half of her was so wet.  Then she wondered why Finn was jumping up and down and yelling the word “bark”.