Well, dear Reader, I wish to share my joy and achievement with you all.  Today is the day that I became a published author.  (We could add ‘internationally recognised’ and ‘award winning’ to that as well, but that might be grinding it a little too hard.  Or not.)

Thanks go to the editors at Toasted Cheese Literary Journal for selecting my short story to win second place.  I am so pleased with this, and I can’t even find the words (shameful state!) to express my gratitude to them all.

Thanks also to beta readers for their support, criticisms, and suggestions, especially to Vanessa Ricci-Thode, who reminded me of this competition and has been a staunch supporter of my writing.  (Cheers!  I owe you a beverage of your choice when next we share a continent!)

After much ado about something, please click here to read my award-winning story.   I hope you enjoy it, as I write for you, dear Reader.