Another Pay It Forward  poem, for yet another person who wasn’t even on my list.  Yet, I think that this somehow is even more in keeping with Pay It Forward, because it is unexpected.   That doesn’t mean I’m trying to get out of fulfilling the PIFs I’ve promised…  I’m just enjoying writing.  

This was born from an IM conversation on a popular social network site, with a friend I met through another social network site.   We were talking about the differences in childhoods in the 70s and now… and this short verse emerged from the mental image she gave me about the fields in Scotland… or somewhere equally idyllic.  (Besides, WCW is one of my favourite poets – “brevity is the soul of wit”… which reminds me of a Twittering banter with another favourite author… but that’s a post for another time.)


For Aileen

From a green meadow,
the sunlight walks,
giant legs reaching from heaven
to earth
Feather-light on the grasses.

 (in the style of William Carlos Williams)