So, here’s a little snippet of some notes I made in the wee hours of the morning on my iPad, in a desperate attempt to keep my book moving forward, but avoiding being too simplistic. Please excuse any accidental autocorrects; was going to change it, but thought that the notes as they are might be of interest.

Flying demons? Rooks that transform- human bodies, demonic faces with jagged teeth/fangs. All fly to one location where big bad awaits. Capture humans for sacrifice? Link to trolls…! Jumping out of window to fly down where crowd gathers and moves in one direction towards Big Bad – eater? Demon? Papa Troll… In league with the Rook

Maybe Rook/Troll hybrid? Troll wearing rook skin…. Hmmm. Insert near miss escapade in Dundee station, to round out stalking on the pilings of old bridge. Escape? Intermittent manifestation of powers – rooks and trolls are essentially cowards who fear pain

Change dragon warning to include all bridges.

Bring clear outline of destiny up – check around train car to ensure privacy of at least 3 empty tables radius.

Spend time in park in Pitlochry practising powers to ensure reliable manifestation. Being departure for the loch up to midnight to give ample time to fly to Bradford and back – OR change time of year from early spring to midsummer? Change time to midnight – works smoother. Lose Florence and the Machine reference, which helps to reset to early 2000….