That title sounds much more literary than I intended for this post, but it fits, so it stays.

It’s already July, and time slipped away from me since that personal challenge in February. There are reasons for why I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog.

As you know, I’ve been working on an MA in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University, and have recently become a school librarian (best. job. ever.) to help keep my day structured and focused on books. Between the library and the writing for the MA, and all that adulting stuff that goes on (laundry, groceries, car troubles, kid, etc), I’ve been pretty busy.

But all that work and online silence has some pretty amazing results. Here is the project I was working on for the MA, which produced an awesome collection of poetry and prose.

You can purchase your own copy direct from Indigo Dreams Publishing if you click here. The university also provided a press release celebrating the publication of ‘Inspiration’, and the developing relationship between the MACW and IDP. They even interviewed me about the anthology and my experiences through the MA, in which I was able to announce that my own collection of short stories has been accepted for publication later this year.

Yes, that’s right. I found out in May that I’m going to be a published author. For reals.

And if this isn’t enough good news, here is a podcast interview I did with the wonderful folks at Wordspace Radio, an undergraduate project from LTU, and well-worth keeping an ear on.

Looking ahead, I will be performing at the Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe with Steve Toase (he is awesome – check him out) on Monday 5th October at 9:15pm in the Wildman Studio of the Ilkley Playhouse. Save the date! But I’m sure I’ll be back to remind you, and keep you updated on the progress of our show.

Go on and ‘like’ my Facebook author page, and follow me on @LMABaumanMilner for more recent and timely updates and silliness. I promise I’ll try not to neglect you again.