I’m thinking of starting something, a little thing for everyone, really, but mainly for those who suffer with depression and anxiety. We know how difficult it is to reach out, ask for help, or even to just ask for someone to talk to for a few minutes or an hour or whatever. Just someone to engage with. We don’t need to talk about whatever trigger has just fired, so don’t panic that we’re asking someone to try to fix whatever is wrong. We just want someone to talk to.

Now, I know that ‘vague-booking’ is a thing, and people shit on vague-book statuses time and time again. But, sometimes, those vague-books are a plea for help without actually saying ‘help’. Because, no matter how much we talk about mental health, and no matter how open we are about mental health, it is still the most challenging thing to reach out and ask.

So, if you need to talk, post ‘OUCH’ on your Facebook status, (or even on Twitter). If I see ‘OUCH’, I’ll send you a private message. If you see ‘OUCH’, send a private message to that person. Reach out and talk, because there is a tentative hand grasping through the darkness, hoping and praying that someone will take it in theirs.

Do with this what you will.