If you follow me on Twitter, or are a friend on Facebook, or have bumped into me on the street in the last 24 hours, you probably know that I’ve received my first rejection. And that I was smiling (okay, grinning like an idiot) while I told you.

*double take* What?!

No, seriously. I’m happy with this rejection. Sit down, I’ll explain.

Writing a book is challenging. Editing a book is ongoing. Getting that book published is a bloody miracle. So, when I sent off my submission material to three hand-picked agents, I was a mess. Shaking, nearly weeping at one point (yeah, I don’t know why either, so please don’t ask me to explain), and I screwed up one of the submissions.

Yes, I did. I made a mistake. I didn’t include a subject in the subject line of my email. After whacking my head on my desk for a few minutes, I mentally crossed that agent off my list, and immediately gave up hope of ever hearing from this one. Because most people (okay, my husband) will automatically delete any email without a subject.

I gave up hope… until yesterday.

This agent emailed back. Within two weeks of my submission. My head nearly fell off.

Okay, okay, it was a rejection, granted. But it was the single nicest rejection I ever thought possible. (I’ve had guys dump me who were less courteous… bad example… I’ll think of a better one in a minute.)

The agent said that they read my submission “with interest”, and that they thought I “write well”. And although they liked it, they didn’t feel passionate enough about it to represent it, but that their opinion didn’t preclude any other agent feeling the same way.

All of my research into publishing has indicated that this is an amazing rejection. I got feedback, positivity, and hope, all wrapped up in a tiny, five sentence email. So, that’s why I’m so happy about this rejection. It will help to guard me from the future rejections I am sure to receive. Ones that won’t be so nice. Or helpful. Or positive.

Because let’s face it: rejection sucks.

But I’m ready for the next one now.