It all happened so fast.

Dad went into hospital on Tuesday two weeks ago. He was recovering, he was struggling, he was recovering again. Plans for him to return home were being made, then changed for him to go into hospice care. But plans for his continuing life were being made.

Then, he died.

The closest of us was 20 minutes away. The furthest was 24 hours. The other two were en route, with an hour to six hours to travel.

It’s all in the timing.

Because the plans were being made, and people were being positive and optimistic, I decided to join in and send the Father’s Day cards. Two days later… they were superfluous. Plus, I managed to get here before both the cards did. (So now I’ll be keeping a watch out for those cards, to pilfer them from the mail before anyone else can see my stupid optimism made manifest.)

Today is Father’s Day, but today I will be standing vigil over my late father, to meet and accept condolences, and to bite my tongue and to try not to scream at the repetition of sentiment.

Today, we have unrelenting rain: the grief of Nature pouring down around us, to replace the tears we are all afraid to weep.

It’s all in the timing….