Speeding Through Time

I’ve dropped the ball (covered in dog slobber and pool water) on recounting my LA trip. So, here’s a bit of a short-cut through some of the things we’ve done and seen. Of course, I’ve lost track of days a bit, so this may be a bouncy ride. Hang on.

– Dog-walking through the trails at the base of the Hollywood Hill (and which I judiciously missed out… Too hot, too dusty, too doggy).

– Driving through downtown LA, seeing some amazing architecture, including the Capitol Records building, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the LA Central Library (of course I would enjoy that!).

– Santa Monica pier, and scootering along the famous boardwalk, past the beach gym and enjoying a croissant and cappuccino. (And on the lookout for Arnold Schwartzenegger cycling by.)

– Visiting Paradise Cove in Malibu, and encouraging the kid to try out boogie-boarding.

– Enjoying the look on his face when he realised that the Pacific Ocean is salt water.

– A movie trip to the CineDome to see the new Wolverine movie. (Highly recommend the theatre, but avoid seeing anything in 3D there… Screen curves too much to ensure high quality 3D. Though it could have just been shitty 3D production.)

– Visiting the ScienCentre (love that word squash!) to see the Endeavour shuttle in all its glory.

– Enjoying a glorious afternoon on my lonesome while sister-in-law was at work and big bro took mother and the kid to see a Dodgers game. The boy came back with a brand new Dodgers baseball hat, AND a warm-up ball!

– Enjoying the beautiful grounds at Huntington Library, though not enjoying the American-style take on British Tea. (Tarragon Chicken or Cucumber Mint finger sandwiches and Asian or Arrugula salads… Really? Not that I’ve seen a lot of British Teas, but… bleah. Oh, and scones the size of a 50 pence piece.)

– Being first terrified, then stunned, by the appearance of one of the most beautiful men at big bro’s front door. Terrified, because he just opened the door and stuck his head through. Thoughts running through my head followed this approximate path: who the hell is that? Why is he halfway in the house? Do I run and slam the door on him, effectively trying to bisect him? Do I introduce myself? My god, his teeth are incredibly white! Oh man, am I glad I’m not in my bathing suit. Oh shit, I look like crap… He’s so freaking tall!. Eventually, my head returned to normal when I realised that this was big bro’s next door neighbour, stopping by to see how the new pool turned out, having just returned home after filming for over three months in Toronto. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, big bro lives next door to a TV actor/almost star. Thankfully, I didn’t cock up and sound like a complete idiot; just almost a moron instead. Smooth, kiddo, real smooth.

Sorry for the lacklustre humour writing, but I wanted to get everything down on virtual paper before I forgot. Upon my return to the UK and my beloved desktop computer, I will blog again, with pictures for extra visualisation.

Tomorrow is our last full day in LaLaLand, and earmarked for a trip to Universal Studios. After that, we will be back on a plane to Canadaland, and a relative normality. I’ll see if I can find some wry humour in that experience as well, but no promises.