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Books, books everywhere, and not a word to read…

Apologies to you all, Dear Reader. I have been remiss and neglectful of you. But I have reasons! Good reasons!

Okay, reasons.

I’ve started a new course and a new job. Finding a balance between those two things and writing has been … challenging. Irony of ironies, the course is an MA in Creative Writing, and the job is a part-time Librarian in a (relatively) local school. I have managed to immerse myself in books and words and writing, but at a cost to my own writing.

I didn’t have time for NaNo this year. I keep getting distracted from my own projects by the essay assignments for the MA. I’m rearranging an entire library, shuffling and cataloging books and putting them in their correct places. I wake up on a morning and wonder how I’m going to find more books to put in this Library, to replace the couple hundred books I’ve had to cull out. (Which goes against my heart, but I have to be ruthless – if the kids aren’t taking them out, and haven’t done in 15 years, then I’ve got to make space for new ones.)

My mind has been taken over by pragmatism, and creativity has taken a back seat. Temporarily. I will rearrange my own headspace and make room for writing for myself – and for you – very, very soon.

I promise.


  1. Don’t feel guilty about not writing. Everyone goes through breaks. Things will work out eventually πŸ™‚

    • Well, I only posted that and went off a wrote a flash fiction horror story. And just in time to be able to perform at Open Mic night tomorrow! Yay!

      It’s not a routine. Yet.

      But it’s a start.

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