You may be looking for my old blog – whatthe42? – but got redirected here. Don’t panic (thanks, Mr Adams – again), because that was meant to happen.

Since I started blogging, I have rewritten so much of my life: edited out the elements that didn’t work, rewrote stuff that did, added in other brilliant things. In a nutshell, I re-made my life to focus on books and writing. I found a job as a school librarian. I completed an MA in Creative Writing and will be graduating in December 2015. Throughout the year of rewrites, I met amazing people and read fabulous words and enjoyed new experiences and opportunities. I made brilliant friends – with students and tutors – and learned so much about writing and about myself.

Closing down ‘whatthe42?’ was a conscious choice to close one door on a particularly dark chapter of my life.*

With the new life comes a new website – thanks to tech-savvy husband – and a fresh opportunity to engage with readers and writers alike.

Dark Doors is my debut publication with Leeds Trinity University’s Wordspace Imprint and Indigo Dreams Publishing. All my thanks to Martyn, Oz, Amina, and Ronnie for enjoying my stories enough to send them out into the world.

Thank you, Reader, for opening the door.


*  (Though if you really want to dredge up the past, you can read “Life Collapses at 42” to see the sequence of events that brought me to this point.  Other than that, there’s not much more to tell – and the less time spent on that, the better for everyone.)